Shock Me

from by Lecia Louise



Shock me Shock me, Try to take it slow
Rock me Rock me, Some other way you know
Try to stop me, Find your way and go
Can’t shock me, I’ll never let it show

Not the starter of the problem yet she took the blow
The other took what wasn’t hers to make her beautiful
He’s trying to grow just to know that he fits the groove
Pushed to the edge, he sais he can bust a move
Did what he couldn’t & he shouldnt even though he tried
She strung along to his song she told a lie
He didn’t make it cause he just didn’t fit the mould
She knows the games and she plays, only makes you old


Who to confide, can’t decide if you’re doing right
Push your friends to the end, she’ll make you fight
Defeat depression you’re so sad that you couldn’t cry
Truth be told Im not sold and you wonder why
Now the time has grown to be critical
He’s distracted by the fact that she’s an animal
In her strength he defends, sure we’ve made our minds
But we can see that she’s caught him on his blind side


Ooh, she’s built a nest
Ooh, she’s made a mess
Yeah, he thinks she’s true
But we all see through you


from Per Te, released April 2, 2016
Drums: Steve Pope
Bass: Joe Spedding
Guitar/vocals: Lecia
Engineering/Mixing: Jeff Lovejoy
Producer: Jeff Lovejoy and Lecia
Mastering: Bryce Moorhead
Song by Lecia Louise



all rights reserved


Lecia QLD, Australia

Having supported Shannon Noll, Daryl Braithwaight, Mental as Anything, James Morrison, Phil Emmanuel, Killing Heidi (Jokers Grim), Grinspoon (Jokers Grim), Phil Manning and Jon Stevens (INXS, Noise Works), and toured the world, Lecia is a sensational young guitarist/singer/songwriter who has released a number of CD's which are available here ... more

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